Hawks Hill Creamery was founded in 2004 as a business to market value added dairy products from the milk from our dairy farm. Our dairy farms, located in Pylesville and Street, MD, have been in the family for 92 years, since 1924.

Our mission is to provide the consumer with a premium quality product, fresh from the farm. We also seek to create great family memories when attending our farm events. 

Our raw milk cheese is handcrafted, made from 100% Harford County milk. Our milk is from cows that are not given rBST (growth hormone), and there are no antibiotics in this milk. We do not use animal rennet in our cheese and therefore our raw milk cheese is suitable for vegetarians.

We make our cheese with raw milk, aging it for 60 days to kill any bacteria. Using raw milk, and not removing the butterfat and protein from the milk, helps give our cheese that rich, creamy taste and texture. Many large cheese producers remove some of the protein and butterfat to sell as other products. We leave it all in for the best cheese quality.

Hawks Hill Creamery is also open for many seasonal events like our annual Pumpkin Fest, where visitors to our farm in Harford County can pick their own pumpkin right from our pumpkin patch.

Our farm brewery, Falling Branch Brewery, is now also open.  Our beer garden is open on Saturdays from 12-8 pm.  Our farm brewery is the creation of the 4th generation of our family, hoping to keep the family farm thriving!